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Influencer Exchange

The easiest way to grow your audience size is with a shoutout from a social media profile with a large audience, gaining instant exposure to a whole new audience. Influencer Exchange is made specifically for influencers and content creators to facilitate the shoutout for shoutout (#s4s) process safely and quickly.

Why use cash for your influencer marketing when you can leverage your audience size to get the same shoutouts? Influencer Exchange uses credits with an escrow feature, credits cannot be purchased or withdrawn for cash value. Give shoutouts and earn credits, then use those credits towards shoutouts to further increase your audience size.

And for those of you who would like to cash-in on your audience size, in the future we will launch a brands to influencer marketplace where you can earn cash for sponsored post. Meanwhile start exchanging shoutouts with other members on Influencer Exchange and increasing your audience size and the value of your sponsored post will increase.

Influencer EDU

Ever wonder how to improve your Instagram engagement, or wonder how to gain more Facebook followers? Or Mabey your a social media expert and want to share you’re expertise. Influencer EDU has 100s of hours of Lessons and Tutorials covering all aspects of social media and marketing. Free for Influencer Growth Network members.

Influencers Feed

Influencers Feed is similar to BuzzFeed, Reddit, and YouTube. Our members post content on this site while promoting themselves at the same time; you get additional exposure by linking back to your influencer profile or website as you can include outgoing links. We encourage our members to link back to this site as well when they spot something share-worthy (not mandatory), so that all members can collectively benefit.

Influencer Inspector

Influencer Inspector lets you track an unlimited number of Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook accounts. You can generate professional audits. You can track engagement rates, top posts, top hashtags, and top mentions, and many more things in real-time. Find the best influencers on Instagram or any other social media platform. Like all of our tools, this one is free to our members; similar tools are available but at high costs.

Influencer BioLinks Page

Influencer Biolinks Page solves Instagram’s linking problem and it also shortens URLs. Add as many links as you want to a website, and only paste your profile URL into your Instagram’s bio. You can use this page anywhere, with any link, as an URL Shortener. Like all of our tools, this one is free to our members; similar tools are available but at high costs.

Influencer Social Network

A social network exclusively for Influencers and content creators. Profiles, Pages, Groups, Events, Timeline, Messaging, Friends, Likes, Forum, Articles, Post, Pokes, Blog, Explore, Search, Chat, and much more. Influencer Social Network is the best place to find, connect, and collaborate with other influencers. Join an exclusive network of Influencers just like you and a friendly community that helps each other.

Influencer Synd

Influencer (synd) Scheduler is a social media marketing tool that lets you easily schedule Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Tweets, and many more. It manages multiple social networks and an unlimited number of accounts per network. Just upload your content and schedule your posts.


When will the other tools be avaliable?

We are in the process of syncing the databases for some of the sites to simplify account creation and customer support and ease of login.

How do I login to these sites?

We use a single sign-in, if you are seeing this page and can read this answer you are already logged in, just click the green button next to each tool to visit it. Note: if you try to visit these sites directly without already being logged in you will either be redirected back to the login page or not be able to use the tool (since you are not logged in). Always log in on first.

I have a question about one of the tools?

We are currently building our knowledge base where we will provide answers to many common questions, video tutorials, and guides. In the meantime send any questions using the live chat below or leave a message if staff is not available, as a beta user your feedback will help us address the most pressing questions in our support portal.

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